Volpe-Safety Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks are a common phrase in the construction industry, if you are unfamiliar with this term a toolbox talk is meant to be a talk between a manager and their employees on an important safety topic. The best way to handle these talks is to email them out to all effected employees, any employees without email should receive paper copies. These are meant to reinforce the safety trainings provided through this site as well. Below is the schedule and links to all toolbox talks we currently have scheduled to provide to you.

If you have a concern or question regarding any toolbox talk provided to you, please reach out to our Director of Client Services Dylan Ruhl. He can be reached at 717.371.4114 or druhl@keystoneriskessentials.com.

Schedule of Topics

Safety Topic Safety Topic
Month 1 Accident Investigation
Month 2 Fall Protection
Month 3 Silica
Month 4 Emergency Action Plan
Month 5 Forklift
Month 6 Hazard Communication
Month 7 PPE
Month 8 Company Vehicle Safety
Month 9 Mobile Equipment
Month 10 Electrical Safety Program
Month 11 First Aid Policy
Month 12 LOTO
Month 13 Manual Lifting
Month 14 Ladder Safety
Month 15 Rigging Material Handling
Month 16 Scaffolding
Month 17 Hot Work
Month 18 Noise Awareness