Safety Documentation Sample Company

Safety Committee Minutes and Agenda

Here you will find  an example Agenda and Minutes file that you can use for your safety committee.

Safety Training Sign In Sheet

Proper documentation of training is very important. Make sure one of these (or a similar document) is filled out for each training you and your employees attend.

Inspection Reports

Inspecting your facility and equipment often helps to ensure that everything works when it needs to. Below are a few examples of such checklists.

Inspection Checklist Ladders

Accident Investigation Form

The first safety topic we cover through the Keystone Risk Essentials Safety Subscription is accident investigation, here is the form for that program.

Accident Investigation Form

OSHA Reporting Poster

Some accidents need to be reported to OSHA within 8 or 24 hours. Read our poster to find out more!

OSHA Reporting Poster