Why Keystone Risk Essentials?

How Does This Help My Company?

Easy to Deploy

We guide you through the entire process.


Keep your company up to date with complicated safety and human regulations.

Reduce Costs

It will help you avoid hefty government fines, reduce accidents, and improve satisfaction.


Customized Safety Manual

This is your first step in mitigating workplace hazards, remaining OSHA compliant and being ready to meet contractor requirements. Our experts will help you get it right.

Safety and HR Training

Effective training programs will increase productivity, decrease the risk of workplace injuries and head off expensive harassment or discrimination claims.

Safety Toolbox Talks

Our safety professionals will strengthen your safety culture by providing ongoing, engaging toolbox talks relevant to your industry, your employees and your workplace.

Safety and HR Helpline

You don’t have to let important questions or concerns go unaddressed. One call will put you in touch with safety and HR professionals who can answer your questions in real time.

Customized Employee Handbook

Your company is unique. You need an employee handbook that communicates your expectations, is compliant with the laws that cover your organization, and sets a tone that fits your culture. Our HR professionals can help.

Informational Webinars

Our industry experts produce live webinars covering relevant and current issues relating to key business areas such as safety, human resources, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation.

Breaking News Alerts

We help you stay up-to-date on changing laws and breaking news that impacts your business with timely email alerts.

Access to OSHAlogs.com

We give you access to a secure web-based application that allows you to report record your workplace injuries, initiate workers’ comp claims, track injuries and print OSHA reports – all from one convenient site.


How much does it cost?

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Safety and Helpline Access

Conversion 2

HR and Helpline Access

Conversion 3

Safety, HR and Helpline Access

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